John Lekberg


The SEC's "Abnormal Trading and Link Analysis" project

2019-06-04 - ATLAS was recently mentioned by SEC Chairman Jay Clayton:

"A final example of Enforcement’s use of data analytics is the ATLAS initiative, developed in the Philadelphia Regional Office by OCIE working with the Division of Enforcement. ATLAS is an example of how the Commission’s employees are collaborating to develop efficient and effective tools to identify misconduct in our markets. ATLAS allows our staff to harness multiple streams of data, including blue sheets, pricing, and public announcements. Typical use cases of ATLAS include:


"The ATLAS team recently used advanced data analysis technology to identify firms that failed in their obligation to submit accurate blue sheet data to the SEC. ATLAS-generated leads led to the identification of over 80 million erroneous reports by three firms resulting in civil enforcement actions assessing over $6 million in penalties."